To preserve, restore and celebrate the historic structures and heritage of DeWitt County


Magill House

Clock on Clinton Square

Woodlawn Cemetery Fence

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The following officers and directors donate a significant amount of time and resources to serve on the board of DCRA to promote our mission:

Becky Adams - Chairman
(217) 935-2044
Tim Jamieson - Secretary
Mark A. Killough
(217) 935 3354
Margaret Barnes - Treasurer
(217) 855-8197
Doug Brisard
(217) 871- 0668

We extend our sincere thanks to the following people who have served on our board in prior years and, although retired from the board, continue to support our efforts:

Terry Ijams
Dave Herzog
Steven Vandiver
Chuck Buck
Barbara Strange
Joni Newberg
Lawrence Barker
Russell Utterback
Dana Korneman
Bob Courtright *
Dee Ann Jones*
Raymond North
Marilyn North

Douglas Graves
Larry McGuire
Lauren Huntley
Sandy Schlosser
Ed & Karla Brady
Betty Ann Nelson
Sharon Snyder
Loretta Rogers*
Frannie Thompson*

Craig Riddle
Anjanette Luallen
Marjorie Anderson

* former fundraising committee member