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Restoration of the Downtown Clock
Project Completed!
  • The 1920s post clock donated to the city of Clinton by the DeWitt County Bank and its President Thomas Snell Dinsmore was no longer keeping time, and the housing was deteriorating.
  • In cooperation with the City of Clinton, the DCRA raised money to have the clock professionally restored by St. Louis Time and Signal Company and replaced the inner workings so that the clock now keeps accurate time and chimes every quarter hour during the day.  It was moved to the center portion of Mr. Lincoln’s square to become part of the downtown city park.
  • Thirteen individuals and businesses each “bought an hour,” and their names are on a bronze table next to the clock.  Hundreds of others “bought a minute” or more to finance the restoration work. Those who bought an hour are:
      Noon DeWitt Savings Bank
      One John Warner Bank
      Two Baum Chevrolet
      Three DeWitt County Restoration Association
      Four Virgil & Curt Harbach, Dick & Wes Graves
      Five Dr. John and Shirley Veirs
      Six Clinton Auto Auction—Lance & Susie Schmid
      Seven Amergen
      Eight Ray and Marilyn North
      Nine Waters Construction/Nelson Excavating/Loft 202
      Ten Tom and John Dinsmore
      Eleven Wal-Mart
      Midnight Roger Cyrulik Contracting